Diamonds in the Rough August 2023

LET’S GET TOGETHER! Our 4th annual fundraising breakfast is right around the corner. On October 5th at 7am at the South Hill Community Center in Spokane we will come together and raise funds for the important projects coming in 2024. Last year we raised funds and were able to build the kitchen we shared about last month. Let’s make a gift to the community again this year! Because of all of the economic issues you are all well aware of, we have had […]

Diamonds in the Rough July 2023

A New Kitchen, Making Life Easier and Safer At our October Fundraising Breakfast in Spokane we raised funds to build a kitchen in the open space behind the field. For five years the team was eating dinner at Coach Robert and Bella Nira’s house which worked great for a while since Bella Nira is the head cook and they had a nice open yard. Over the years however, the team grew and some of the yard around their house was taken over by […]

Diamonds in the Rough June 2023

The Best Laid Plans In late May, Water@Work Ministries, the organization that partnered with Joshua 1:Nine and Rotary International it build the water purification plant, decided the ongoing problems with access to water at the plant needed to be addressed. The desire is to have control of the water access buy owning our own well. This should also lead to water that is cleaner at the time it enters the plant and will decrease the cost of cleaning the water. This will lead […]

Diamonds in the Rough May 2023

Something is Coming! A note from Board Vice Chair Mark Baldwin. Something is coming to the DR and the rest of the world and it creates a challenge and an opportunity for the families of Fondo Negro. What is happening in the Dominican you ask? Summer is coming! As summer approaches in the DR, daily […]

Diamonds in the Rough April 2023

Patricia De La Cruz Beltre We are so happy to welcome Patricia to the Joshua 1:Nine family! She was born on April 18, 2023 to Coach Meblin and his wife Silvia. Both mom and baby are doing well. Meblin reports she is eating a lot and she is a happy baby. Patricia joins the family with […]

Diamonds in the Rough March 2023

An Impact of a Lifetime Last February, my family traveled to Fonda Negro with Joshua 1:Nine. This was a second trip for our Bigs, Jacob (15) and Carter (14), and our Little Dylan’s (5), first trip. This was the first time we traveled with our friends Laura and Atticus, who were also on their second […]

Diamonds in the Rough February 2023

Generational Change When we first started coming to Fondo Negro in the spring of 2017, we knew we were encountering a different type of community. The team was as close as family already and the coaches were mentoring the athletes without any prompting or promoting from the outside. What we wanted to do was provide […]

Diamonds in the Rough January 2023

Once a year I take over this platform and make this less about the people of Fondo Negro and more about what has been accomplished and where we hope to go in the next year. Some years my report is goal heavy, other years it’s dream heavy. I never know exactly where I’m going to go when I start writing so settle in a bit and we’ll see what we get up to this year.