Diamonds in the Rough – June 2019

School’s out! More time for baseball!

Food is of greater need in the summer because there is no school to supplement what is provided by the family. Click here to help make sure these kiddos get fed for the summer.

Summer opens the opportunity for us to spend even more time pouring into the lives of the kids in the community. There isn’t much to do in Fondo Negro other than swimming at the river during the hot afternoons and rather than allow the kids to have too much time to get bored and then likely in trouble (those of you with kids understand this balance) we increase the hours spent being disciplined by working out and playing at the field.
 This summer we also are adding some much requested time with an English teacher. A few days a week the boys who are interested in learning English will work with Miguel before practice. We are also encouraging our coaches to get involved and hopefully learn more English as well. Increased English fluency opens a lot of doors. It is the language of many international business opportunities but also, in a country where tourism is one of the pillars of the economy, translation services for individuals and jobs where English is a requirement create some of the more robust opportunities. English is not a requirement or necessarily always offered in schools so if we can help supplement this needed skill during the summer we are happy to do so!

The Missing Link: When discussing plans for the summer with Coach Chico last year we addressed the issue of the increased need for food during the summer months. Typically, our cook, Bella Nira, cooks for the kids over two large fires. It makes for very tasty food but it is difficult to always find enough wood. Everyday when the kids eat she goes out early and finds wood and then starts the process of cooking, which includes butchering the chickens. It’s a long day and one that would be made significantly easier if fire was not part of the equation.

Thanks to some successful fundraising, we are in the process of purchasing a stove, similar to the one seen above, for the team. This way, we will be able to provide food on a daily basis for the team during the summer and it will increase the ability to provide food when school is in session as well. Being nimble is important when fulfilling needs and this will increase our ability to act when needed.

Thank you donors!

Prayer Request: This summer, 250 youth and 25 adults, male and female will attend camp at Tierra Alta in Boca Chica near the capital.This is thanks to a very generous gift from the Rawlings Foundation. The kids will eat to their hearts’ content and just truly be kids without the worries poverty often brings. They will play in mud pits, swim in the pool, play tennis, baseball and basketball and will also, most importantly be told about the love of God. The adults attending camp will serve as servant leaders and will be there to assure all goes well for the kids. It’s a really exciting opportunity and is one we hope to replicate for years to come. The kids have been talking about it for months and the excitement is really starting to build.

Camp is this time next month! Please remember the group in your prayers as we gear up to get the kids there and for safety in travel and during the time of extreme fun. This newsletter next month will likely come from camp and we look forward to sharing the goings on. It’s going to be a blast!!