Diamonds in the Rough July 2023

A New Kitchen, Making Life Easier and Safer

At our October Fundraising Breakfast in Spokane we raised funds to build a kitchen in the open space behind the field. For five years the team was eating dinner at Coach Robert and Bella Nira’s house which worked great for a while since Bella Nira is the head cook and they had a nice open yard. Over the years however, the team grew and some of the yard around their house was taken over by structures. Before we knew it, we outgrew the space. The team was making due but it was a significant challenge. With a desire to increase the amount of days we are feeding the team we knew a change needed to be made.

Coach Chico requested the kitchen and you, our supporters, came through big time. After a small delay due to availability of supplies, the kitchen was finished the beginning of June! In conjunction with the completion of the kitchen we increased the amount of food for the summer so the team is now eating on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is fulfilling a significant need because in the summer the food which the government provides through school stops and without the supplement, kids could go most of the week without enough to eat.

In addition to making the process of feeding the kids easier and having more space for the boys to eat, the kitchen is far more efficient. The food is ready as the boys come off the field and they don’t have to walk the ten minutes to Coach Robert’s house. This is becoming more and more important as kids from outside of Fondo Negro are hearing about the program and joining. Some of these boys travel over 30 kilometers each way to practice. We are able to get those kids fed quickly and on the road back home a little earlier. This helps with safety since typically hitchhiking on the highway is their only mode of transportation. This is common in the DR but it is still dangerous and the earlier we can get them home with full stomachs the better. 

This is a significant step in moving the program forward and we praise God that he provided through your generosity. Below, you’ll find a number of pictures from meals so far this summer. Because we haven’t hit our fundraising goal for covering the additional meal each week going forward, we will go back to one day a week meals once school resumes. If you feel led to give, your tax deductible gift would be much appreciated. We need seven new monthly givers at $40 a month to be able to feed all 150+ kids one more time a week. That’s only $10 a week! Please click the link above to become a Team Sponsor. Even if you can’t give the full $40 a monthly commitment of any amount will get us toward our goal.

A Zaid Update

Last month we asked for prayer for Zaid as he underwent emergency surgery on his stomach. We have great news! Prayers were answered and he is home, healthy and growing like crazy. Thank you for the prayers. God is good!


Our 2023 Breakfast Fundraiser is set for October 5th. We will again be at the South Hill Community Center and look forward to welcoming all of you for a morning of celebration and coming together. The format will be changing slightly so please stay tuned for additional details in the next month. Think of who you can invite as we hope to extend our reach!

Come learn more about these kids and support the mission!


We are taking groups to spend a week with the kids in the DR! If this sounds like something you are for which you are interested in being part, let us know by clicking the link above, sending an email and we’ll get you more information!

As always, we are thankful for you, our supporters. We pray you are happy, healthy and know the peace that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. He’s got all of us in his hand, here and abroad, and for that we are forever thankful. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!

With deepest gratitude from the guys.