Diamonds in the Rough – July 2019

Hello from Camp!!

Kristin here, reporting dirty, tired but happy after not the two days of camp we expected, but three! What an amazing experience with the kids of Fondo Negro. We ate, slept, played and worshiped God together; creating new relationships and deepening already existing ones. The kids returned home around 1:00 today full of stories of mud and baseball and feats of strength and friendship and hopefully new or strengthening  belief in Jesus.

My favorite part was worshiping with the kids. I love to sing worship songs and with the Spanish words on the screen I was able to sing my lungs out. I started to get a bit of a reputation for my singing, hopefully teaching the lesson of making a joyful noise. 😉

A number of our kids, boys and girls, made a commitment to Christ. The counselors did an amazing job of of loving on and walking through the process with the kids. I was encouraged by the way the kids listened and participated in the worship. It was a new experience for most of them and I was thrilled by the response. God is good. 

Technology was nonexistent and discouraged at camp so I don’t have many pictures on my phone. I’ll follow up next week with a special addition of the newsletter which will share the experience in pictures. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your prayers during this week. They are very appreciated! Until next week!