Diamonds in the Rough June 2023

The Best Laid Plans

In late May, Water@Work Ministries, the organization that partnered with Joshua 1:Nine and Rotary International it build the water purification plant, decided the ongoing problems with access to water at the plant needed to be addressed. The desire is to have control of the water access buy owning our own well. This should also lead to water that is cleaner at the time it enters the plant and will decrease the cost of cleaning the water. This will lead to better profits for the plant and further impact to the community. The well drilling project began on Wednesday, May 31st.  On Friday, June 2nd, a good water supply was found at a depth of 310 feet.  The well drilling company began the process of putting in the piping and well casing to finish the well.  

In early June, the weather in Fondo Negro included record amounts of rain, quickly. One day the town partially flooded. A flash flood filled Coach Melbin’s parents’ house with water and mud. Thankfully, no one was injured but there was some damage to personal property.

This storm coincided with the drilling of the well. Unfortunately, because of the overwhelming amounts of water, a hole opened up where they were drilling and the rig sunk into the hole overnight. A crane and a backhoe were brought in and eventually, the rig was removed, but it took a lot of head scratching and a broken down fence to make it happen.

So we start over. Thankfully, we know there is good water at 310 feet and if natural disasters can be kept at bay, we should have a functioning well by the middle of July. In the meantime, the plant is unable to operate so we are praying for a quick and smooth resolution to the problem as soon as possible.

This is the reason having ongoing support from people like you is so important. We never know when a figurative hole is going to open up and create an unexpected, but significant and important need for the program. We are not responsible for the expenses related to the well, so this time the disaster isn’t ours, but issues like this arise all the time. Would you consider giving to the general fund? This money goes to projects and needs directly effecting the community and we can’t get through the day in/day out operations without the generosity. Click the button at the top of this email to contribute.

A Zaid update and prayer request

Last month we introduced you to Zaid, Coach Elvin and Jenny’s new baby. We received word yesterday that Zaid has a problem with his stomach and is having emergency surgery in the capital this week. Please pray for Zaid, his doctors and his family as they maneuver this scary time.

New Members of the Family of Faith

We are so happy that this month two members of the team took their first steps of faith by making a public proclamation of belief in Jesus as their savior. Maximilliano and Rafa (or Julio) are 13 years old and have been attending daily practice, listening to the word of God on a daily basis, since they were each 8. Thanks to a very generous donation from The Gideons, each were given their own copy of the Psalms and New Testament. 

We praise God for the addition to our family of faith and ask that you pray for these young men as they learn what it is to be followers of Christ. We are so grateful to have Coach Elvin to walk alongside these boys as they learn and grow in their faith journeys.

Come learn more about these kids and support the mission!

Come learn more about these kids and support the mission!


We are taking groups to spend a week with the kids in the DR! If this sounds like something you are for which you are interested in being part, let us know by clicking the link above, sending an email and we’ll get you more information!

As always, we are thankful for you, our supporters. We pray you are happy, healthy and know the peace that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. He’s got all of us in his hand, here and abroad, and for that we are forever thankful. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!

With deepest gratitude from the guys.