Diamonds in the Rough May 2023

Something is Coming!

A note from Board Vice Chair Mark Baldwin.

Something is coming to the DR and the rest of the world and it creates a challenge and an opportunity for the families of Fondo Negro. What is happening in the Dominican you ask? Summer is coming! As summer approaches in the DR, daily life changes for the kids of Fondo Negro. I think it is safe to say that there is universal joy when school lets out for summer but many of the families in the community have some nagging concerns. Like many schools in the United States, Dominican schools often are the primary source of food for school age children. Families count on the meals students are provided during the school year but in summer it can be a struggle to keep everyone in the household fed.

Joshua 1:Nine has grown to understand this issue and we are improving our ability to help feed some of these kids. The generosity of donors has paid for the construction of a kitchen at the baseball field so that food can be prepared and served more easily on site. This is a great foundation to build from. As construction is completed the preparation and serving will move from the coach’s home to the ball field.

I need to tell you, it is amazing to walk with the kids through the streets of town to the coach’s house a few blocks from the field. And it is quite the sight! You see the team, 130 or so, forming lines to get a bowl of chicken and plantains, and a second line where a couple of coaches are dipping out punch! These kids are grateful, patient and they gather and sit on the ground in groups laughing and talking. When we were there, they also let us take their pictures!

Right now we provide one meal a week on Fridays, but we think we can do two days or maybe three! What we need is $400 a month to expand to another day. If there is a person out there who wants to establish a monthly gift of $400 to feed our 130 players, I am sure you will feel amazing about it, but honestly, that is a big ask. What works just as well is if ten people contribute $40 a month. When we asked for support to build the kitchen the response was great and that vision is being realized. Can you help us take the next step?

Finally, a yearlong commitment to our kids may not work for you – – -so what about supporting the team for the summer. A onetime gift can help us reach the goal of $1200 for the summer. Right now a private party has stepped forward and will match the first $600 given to the additional meal day. Everything helps, join the team!

Mark Baldwin
Vice Chair of the Board, Joshua 1:Nine

Welcome to the Family, Zaid!!!

April was a big month for the Joshua 1:Nine family! On April 26th Coach Elvin and his wife Jenny welcomed Zaid into the world. Mom and baby are healthy and thriving. He joins his sister who is excited to have a little brother to protect and pick on. 

Congratulations Elvin and Jenny and welcome to the family, Zaid!

Come learn more about these kids and support the mission!


We are taking groups to spend a week with the kids in the DR! If this sounds like something you are interested in being part of let us know by clicking the link above, sending an email and we’ll get you more information!

As always, we are thankful for you, our supporters. We pray you are happy, healthy and know the peace that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. He has all of us in his hand, here and abroad, and for that we are forever thankful. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!

With deepest gratitude from the guys.