Take an Impact Trip

What can I expect on a Joshua 1:Nine Impact Trip?

Each trip will be different and things in the Dominican Republic run at a different speed than in the United States. So to give a general idea of how your days on an Impact Trip might go, here is a sample itinerary:

What will we do?

Day 1: Travel to Santo Domingo. Depending on flight itineraries most teams will arrive in Santo Domingo and continue to Barahona. The drive from Santo Domingo to Barahona takes about three and a half hours through the mountainous part of the country. You’ll see the surroundings change from tropical to more desert like as you get closer to Barahona Province. Don’t be surprised by motorcycles holding families of five or more along with many of their belongings. Look out for views of the Caribbean as we make our way to your home for the week.

Teams will stay in hotels with modern amenities. Most have swimming pools available to cool off in the afternoon and all have air-conditioned rooms.

Day 2: After a long day of travel most teams appreciate a little slower start on the first day in country. If it’s Sunday, the opportunity to attend a local church will be provided. Spend a day at a local waterfall or the beach. The team will be ready to tackle the week after a day of recreation and a little relaxation.

Days 3-5: Most mornings will be spent working on a hands-on project in Fondo Negro. These may include making improvements to the local health clinic, building or repairing a house for a family in need, cleaning and organizing a school or leading Vacation Bible School for the young children of Fondo Negro. Noon will see the team back to the hotel for some rest and then back out to Fondo Negro for baseball practice in the afternoon. The community comes out for most practices and there will be opportunity to spend time with the boys on the team as well as other community members. Friday night may include a going away party with the baseball team. Dance, talk and spend time with the Joshua 1:Nine team to deepen relationships and say goodbye. The time will go too fast.

Day 6: Travel to Santo Domingo and see the historic city. Christopher Columbus first landed in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo was the first city in the Americas. The historic district of the capital holds the first cathedral, first church and first modern road. It’s a chance to buy gifts for family and friends or maybe a memento for yourself, as well as experience the sights and sounds of the city of approximately three million people.

What will we eat?

Meals will be provided by the hotel and will consist of typical Dominican food. The largest meal is at noon and usually consists of rice, beans, plantains and some type of meat and vegetable. Breakfast is eggs, porridge, hard meats and maybe some Mangú, a traditional Dominican dish made of smashed plantains. Don’t forget to fuel up with some delicious Dominican coffee! Dominican style spaghetti for dinner; with a sauce that is slightly sweeter than what Americans usually eat or more rice and beans. There’s always an abundance of fresh fruits and juices.  You won’t go hungry!

Who should go?

Trips are appropriate for families and individuals. Itineraries and projects are tailored specifically for each group and are appropriate for all ages.

For more information or to get on the list to take a trip, please contact:

Kristin Thompson – kristin@joshua1nine.org