Diamonds in the Rough – November 2019

Will you make Joshua 1:Nine part of your year-end giving plans?
The end of the year is a really important time for most nonprofits, but in particular for small ones like Joshua 1:Nine, we count on year end giving to help us plan what can be accomplished in the coming year. Can we feed more kids? Can we pay our coaches and cook a bit more in order to give them more of a living wage? How many teams can we support for the RBI program; improving access to education support and mentoring for our staff? Can we hire an English teacher again this summer? Can we start thinking about purchasing land and moving forward with the big goal/dream of building an academy to improve the lives of the boys and others in Fondo Negro? These questions are partially answered by the end of year fundraising numbers.

Read more below for two ways you can help support all of these efforts.
Food, food and more food! Any of you who have growing boys or who have raised growing boys know the need for food is never ending. Imagine the quantity for a group of 130+ boys from age 6-20 who are perhaps eating their only meal the entire day after playing baseball for 4 or more hours in the hot sun! The food needs for our team is at times overwhelming and it is our number one priority. Before we do anything in any given month we feed the boys. But the amazing thing is, thanks to some incredible partnerships, we are able to do it for a very reasonable cost. On a monthly basis we are able to feed and support each team member for approximately $40! 

We have a different philosophy than many organizations about sponsorship. Child sponsorship is a lovely and effective way of raising funds and connecting people to kids who are being served but when we initially established our main focus for Joshua 1:Nine we realized one of our main goals was to remove the title of commodity from all of the kids we serve. We didn’t want our coaches to look at them that way, hoping they will get a contract so they get paid, their families to look at them that way or for us to ever look at them that way. With that in mind we did not see a way to child sponsorship which basically would pull the kids back into that category.

With that in mind, we created our Team Sponsorship program. This is an opportunity for people to walk alongside the entire team and get to know each one of the kids and staff as a person with hopes and dreams that the sponsor has an opportunity to support. We suggest $40 a month since that is the cost to feed and support the kids on a monthly basis but anyone can come on board at any amount and become a sponsor. You’ll then receive a quarterly newsletter which will introduce you more completely to one of the kids and their family. You’ll see where they live, what their dreams are for the future and also what their parents hope for them. It’s a special and unique opportunity we share with those who have committed to ongoing support of the program and we have heard it is something our Team Sponsors look forward to.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Sponsor please click the link below. You can make an automatic monthly payment or pay a year’s worth upfront. Either way will equally bless the kids.
I’m in! I want to be a Team Sponsor!
Are you an Amazon shopper? Looking to do some serious shopping this weekend and on Cyber Monday? There’s a free and easy way to support Joshua 1:Nine while you shop! Go to Amazon Smile and select Joshua 1:Nine as your selected charity and Amazon will donate a portion of everything you spend to Joshua 1:Nine! It’s free and it’s easy! Thank you!
Support Joshua 1:Nine at Amazon Smile
Giving Tuesday is December 3rd. You can expect to see a few extra reminders from us on Social Media and in your email as well. Thank you for all you do for us throughout the year. Tomorrow we will be counting each of you while reflecting on what we are thankful for this year.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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