Diamonds in the Rough – May 2017

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When we first reached out to the coaches in Fondo Negro to ask about partnership opportunities, the team consisted of 55 kids. After learning about the opportunities that will be given to them once Joshua 1:Nine is funded, the team has doubled in size! This is because of the desire for what we will provide, but it’s also because the coaches now have resources to help kids where they didn’t before. We rest easy that God will provide for these kids just as Jesus did with loaves and fishes.

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One of the great things about working in a community like Fondo Negro is that it is a community that supports the baseball team completely. On game days and even some practices, the stands are filled with men, women, girls and boys who want to be part of the action. This gives Joshua 1:Nine a chance to impact the lives of the girls in the community as well and to keep adults involved in what their sons/nephews/brothers/cousins are doing. The program is about changing the lives of the boys on the team, but it is also about impacting an entire community.

Did you know you can help feed a boy on the team for only $30 a month?

We need people to join in as monthly partners to help feed the team. The boys will receive two meals a day, six days a week provided by a local cook. This time of sharing a meal builds camaraderie within the team and also helps with the boys’ health. Furthermore, this benefits families where there is little to go around by alleviating some of the stress on providers. A monthly contribution of $30 or more is a significant impact on an entire family.

Prayer Requests

1) Safe travel for Todd and Kristin to the Dominican Republic June 14-18.
2) Growth in partnerships.


1) Successful gear drives and partnerships with equipment providers which have provided all of the gear the team has requested and then some.