Diamonds in the Rough – August 2019

The gift of “being”. Chadron reflects on his time in Fondo Negro. Greetings from Spokane, WA – I wanted to take this opportunity to give a brief report and thank the donors, sponsors, and supporters of Joshua 1:Nine Ministries.   Your generosity and the foundational relationships built by the organization allowed me to be a part […]

Diamonds in the Rough – July 2019

Hello from Camp!! Kristin here, reporting dirty, tired but happy after not the two days of camp we expected, but three! What an amazing experience with the kids of Fondo Negro. We ate, slept, played and worshiped God together; creating new relationships and deepening already existing ones. The kids returned home around 1:00 today full […]

Diamonds in the Rough – December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Joshua 1:Nine! What a year this has been! As the weeks and months go by it is easy to lose sight of everything that gets accomplished but as we look back we can see the year has been filled with success and blessings. Below is a list of […]

Diamonds in the Rough – October 2018

Current Weather: Hot with 100% chance of mosquitoes Hello from Fondo Negro! I’m in-country for the next month, really diving deep into what’s going on with the program, how to improve it, make it run smoother but also to love on the kids and keep deepening those relationships. The mosquito problem is the worst I’ve seen […]

Diamonds in the Rough – August 2018

In All Things God Is There In March, representatives of Joshua 1:Nine were welcomed into a few of the boys’ homes to meet their family, learn about their lives outside of the baseball field as well as create deeper relationships. One of the families who welcomed us was Rafael’s family (known as Mello by his […]

Diamonds in the Rough – June 2018

The Baton Pass in Family Culture Starting out practice with a group run You’ve all seen it, or perhaps even done it; the relay race in track and field. One runner starts with the baton in their hand and runs toward their teammate. The teammate stands at the ready, looking back with an outstretched arm […]

Diamonds in the Rough – May 2018

What’s the Big Deal about Performance Enhancing Drugs? Performance Enhancing Drugs (or PEDS) are all too often in Major League Baseball news. What is all the talk about using an * for PED era records? Why does this issue matter? How does it impact what we are doing with the program? In our newsletter this month […]